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Pay Per Week Flooring & Furniture From £10 Per Week

Littlewood Protect Repair Insurance offers you a 3-year policy. The four-zone Vitroceramic cooktop allows for plenty of space to cook and simmer. The temperature control dials on the back of the cooker are easy to use. This allows you to cook or simmer any combination of meals.

  • You will then need to have your credit approved, and the product will be delivered to you, provided you are eligible for credit.
  • These options may be helpful if the other options don’t work.
  • Your credit score can be negatively affected by missed payments
  • You can apply for finance to buy a new cooker within minutes and have it delivered or picked-up the next day.
  • This is the interest rate you are charged by the credit company.

Grants from charities can range from small amounts for food vouchers to large amounts for buying domestic goods, such as a washing machine or cooker. Others may provide help towards the cost of a wheelchair or housing adaptations. Please note that you cannot arrange delivery of your order until your finance application has been approved. Please make sure you are happy with the products you are ordering before submitting your finance application; we are unable to change your order once your finance application has been approved. Your financial situation and past borrowing history will determine whether your application is approved.

Who Is My Local Agent?

It is better to focus on improving your credit score now. This will prevent future problems by paying off any outstanding payments or payment arrears. In the next section, we’ll discuss how to improve your credit score. If you have poor credit scores or a poor financial management report, you won’t get credit approval.

Gas or electricThis is the first obvious question to ask. Gas offers are available if you have the option more even cooking, faster cook times, and more control in terms of temperature. Electric offers even conduction heating, the ability to set different temperatures on different cookers at once, and more control in terms of temperature settings.

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After your application has been approved, you will be granted a credit limit account so that you can use it again without the need to reapply. We are now redirecting you to Studio, who do operate in your area and offer similar products. Too many people get themselves into financial dismay because they took out too much credit that they could pay back for things that are far from essential. Credit isn’t an easy way of getting everything you want, more an option to attain something you need. The best thing to do at this stage is to focus on cleaning up your credit file to avoid these problems in the future by paying up any outstanding debts and payment arrears.

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