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8 commandments to play dice online

When the custom of playing dice was acquired in the United States, the business of cards, although it was never relegated to the background, lost a bit of boom due to the carefree and simple fun that, in appearance, the craps represented.

However, little by little people began to realize that not everything was as simple as it appeared. They settled dice specialists who began to plan and develop strategies to improve the conditions of the game starts, of course, the probability.

Before her, a lot of moves and advice were erected that the less experienced ones soon followed. Fortunately, this worked and worked for a long time. In fact, until the days they run in the conventional gaming rooms, these techniques, perfected, are the order of the day.

However, the panorama of the dice was transformed with the appearance of technology. At first, the game that the Greeks invented so much did not arouse interest to be dragged to videogame platforms. This, of course, lasted very little time; when the casino games began to adapt to the benefits of the Internet, the beloved craps could not remain on the outside.

This is how today there are tens of thousands of games with this theme. There are casinos whose reputation is such that they receive on average the same number of visitors from a conventional game room per day. For online dice, most conditions remain unchanged, but that does not mean there are no new tricks and requirements that must be followed. This list of ideas that came with online craps has been called “commandments” and they range from the most pressing ideas to the most absurd concepts.

First: know the notions of conventional craps

With the technological saturation, it is likely that many players, especially young people, immerse themselves in the experience without having touched in their lives some dice inside a casino. Fortunately, small cubes are not indifferent to anyone who has ever played a game of tables.

However, the dice, as an exercise alone, are played in pairs, placing bets simultaneously and with a table that is usually quite busy. In addition to casinos, there are other sites to play craps, especially because they are a fairly simple practice and exempt from many requirements.

What the players must learn, in that sense, has to do with losses, for example, if a shooter rolls the dice and falls in 7 or 11, there is the talk of losses -and the game is over-, while with 2, 3 and 12, they are “gained time”. All numbers other than these are known as “the point.”

Second: act according to the play presented

In the dice, the player’s advance is a sequence determined by the numbers he has managed to score in the first round. On the basis of this, if a player rolls a 7 – known as the number of the misfortune – there is nothing to do in the face of the loss.

If, on the contrary, the number is any other, such as a 5 or a 3, the player crosses the pass line and continues in the betting streak. At this point, the use of cunning will be just as necessary, since you speak of gains of 2 and 3.

Within those techniques, the coming rule is equally important. This can save the skins of the players during the pass line that takes place within the first round and alleviate the ones that follow.

Third: have patience and time

The dice, like a game that goes through several stages, do not always end in a jiffy. In fact, neither in conventional casinos nor in online rooms is players rushed for the same reason.

In that sense, when a person wants to cheer up a round of dice, one of the conditions he must accept is to stay throughout the game. In craps, there is no talk of marathon sessions like in poker, but in the case of not leaving the number of misfortune very often, a round of dice can last between 1 and 4 hours.

The record, in this sense, is held by an Atlantic City casino, whose players beat for four hours and eighteen minutes summarized in 154 dice rolls.

Four: never cling to a strategy

The dice, although they are assumed as a game of probabilities – like the roulettes – do not lose their essence as a merely random practice. With them, the most skillful never wins, but the one with the best fortune.

Accordingly, stubborn postures do not work or work when playing dice. A technique may work at first, but it wears out as the rounds go on. In addition, everything that is considered an “effective formula” is no more than a placebo to disguise the obvious: luck is illuminating some and not others.

When the streak is terrible, it is best to retire. This is a chance and you cannot fight against the current in any of these cases. Players must, instead of clinging to nonsense, make correct decisions that do not affect their bankruptcy.

Fifth: know the variations of the craps and decide which is the most convenient

You have to be realists. Not all were born scholars in the craps. Some take expertise with a few practices, while others, no matter how hard they try, fail to relate success to the movement of their hands and the beating of both cubes.

For the less fortunate, simplified dice are the option that should be considered the best. The bets do not border on the absurd, it is played with a pair of dice and the conditions are heated a bit in favor of the players.

The opposite happens with the more experienced bettors. These can be found online in a conventional way, or they can appeal to games like Bank Craps, New York Craps, High Pont Craps and Die Rich Craps that is played with three dice.

Sixth: keep expectations about the game

Many people became fanatical about casino games thanks to the influence of the Hollywood tapes that began to come out of the sixties and seventies. From poker to craps, everyone was eager to see James Bond plan his tricks and always emerge victorious.

This may not seem so relevant, but the popular culture had a significant impact on the way people perceived the dice tables. The reality, of course, was and still is a blow that hits them straight in the face.

For that reason, as far as expectations are concerned, you should always keep them in check taking into account three aspects: time, money and “skill in the game” (or good luck). In the dice, as in the rest of random contests, some days are won and others are lost miserably.

Seventh: take things easy

The casinos are full of stories about players who were expelled for not handling their behavior. In the online rooms, although the furor decreases significantly, conversation boxes are sometimes installed so that people can socialize with each other and interact with each other about the game.

The passions through the screens do not remain outside. Although in land casinos the craps tables are the most unruly, in these chats the most unpleasant players can congregate, who do not hesitate to write a string of obscenities for the rest of their classmates.

If a person does not want to be banned from the game room for erratic behavior, the best thing they can do for their own and their classmates’ sake is to take things slowly and avoid, insofar as possible, insulting or attacking the integrity of the rest.

Eighth: know when it’s time to retire

Regarding the above, one of the maxims to play craps is to have a good time at all costs. That’s why intense players are always detested: no matter what they do or the rest of the table, they will find a reason to complain yes or yes.

When the funniest joke is lost, the best betters can do is fold. Endeavor often gives results, but sometimes it only leads to frustrations and negative feelings. Neither in the conventional rooms nor in the online ones, is the objective of the management that its users stop having fun.

As a place for entertainment, it is very important that players, in addition to getting an economic reward, have a great time. Once you stop playing for fun, the movements are wandering, desperate behaviors and some odious ways.

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